Sunday, December 1, 2013

I did a little shopping on Black Friday!

First stop: Millerstown Pic-A-Part.  Everything was regular price, and there wasn't much a crowd due to the ice. 

After Millerstown, I stopped by my friend Brady's garage to pick up a door.

This door and fender are two of the last body parts I need to finish the car.  I have the original parts, but they warped during the media blasting.  I could fix them, but it isn't really worth my time since replacements are so easy and cheap.

After our parts hunt, my buddy Dave and I stopped at his shop.  He is working on his '67 Ford pickup.  This winter he is welding in new floors, new cab mounts, and rebuilding the steering column.

I did a lot of work this weekend, but I wasn't very good about taking pics.  I started on a crossmember under the exhaust, but this is the only picture I managed to take.   I should be finished tomorrow, I'll take more pictures and it will make sense.

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