Sunday, July 29, 2012


I upgraded to a gram scale for measuring my flat black mixture, which should be more accurate than using a graduated cup.

I sprayed out some test panels to check the gloss level, but I was getting horrible solvent pop.  It was so humid and hot (90ยบ in the booth), I chose the wrong hardener for the temperature. 

I did some maintenance on my Rabbit today.  I changed the oil and filter, fuel filter, cabin air filter, spark plugs, and rotated the tires. 

I took a ride with Papa Fazz on his bike.  It's a 2001 Harley Davidson Road King, Police Edition complete with side car.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I went to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix this weekend for an hour or two.  I wasn't really feeling it this year so I didn't stick around long.

Wrinkle red on Jason's Subaru

Wrinkle red on an Acura NSX

Maserati steps it up... wrinkle red AND wrinkle gold.  Wrinkle motherfucking gold!

Back to business.

I got some new parts and supplies.  For the satin black, I'm switching from PPG Omni M148 flattening agent to PPG OneSource SU4985.

I had to plug the holes in the A/C compressor without blocking any paint flow around the area.

So I fashioned this contraption, which seals the oil in and masks all surfaces and threads simultaneously, without blocking any paint.

I got a bunch of parts sanded, wiped down, and hung in the paint booth, but I ran out of time to paint tonight.

Thermostat housing, A/C receiver-dryer, and A/C compressor

Lower timing cover and starter motor

Starter solenoid

Some random stud and the serpentine belt tensioner arm.

I hauled the block back into the paint booth.  I didn't install off-road tires on my engine cart, so I used the forklift to cruise through the grass.

Here I'm deep in thought, wondering how difficult a propane SR20DET swap would be.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I didn't paint the front of the block because I thought it was a mounting surface... but I was wrong.  I taped it off and cleaned it up, it will get painted black this week.

I tore apart a spare A/C compressor I had, I considered taking mine apart to paint it.


On second thought, I will leave mine together.  Here it is ready for primer.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New bolts! 

All new studs for mounting the waterpump to the block.

I bought new stainless bolts for the starter.  I had to turn down the head a little bit so they fit the holes.

The snowmobiles are multiplying! 

One of our buddies stopped out to install a new tire on his bike.  Step 1: be 100% sure the old tire is scrap before removing it.

This could have been an awesome shot if I had more than zero photography skills.

I started sanding the AC compressor for paint.  This will be painted gloss Reflex Silver.

I prepped a few other parts too; some for new paint and some for re-paint because the first time didn't work out!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I started installing some parts on the block. 

I decided to paint the spot around the breather cover and oil filter flange.  This is just bare steel from the factory.  I wanted to wait until the parts were installed so I could paint right up to the edges.

I started mocking up the engine accessories.  I have to order a few more bolts before final assembly, but everything fits up as it should.

I wasn't happy with the paint on the starter, so I decided to tear it apart and start over.

Here was the worst spot.  The edge between the teal and black wasn't very nice, and chipped in some spots.

The guts

I busted out some Aircraft remover.  This stuff is absolutely wicked.

After aircraft remover:

After some sanding, it's ready for epoxy primer.

Woody got a new ride for this winter!  Apparently you can get good deals on snowmobiles in July.

Remember this table I built a few months ago to prep the transmission on?

Now that I have the new motor stand, I didn't need it.

I spent some time cleaning the shop.