These are my friends.

Woody is one of my closest friends.  Gearhead, badass machinist, business man, garage roommate, gunsmith, 1967 Beetle, 1972 GMC, 2005 Cavalier.  Jack of all trades, master of most of 'em.

Fro; another one of my best friends.  Military arms collector, mediocre moped rider, moral support.

Dave.  We've been coworkers since high school, and good friends ever since.  Mechanical master, vintage Ford expert, fellow F100 owner, a little bit country, and a little bit rock'n'roll.

Chris.  Car guy, designer, homeowner, college roommate.  He's pulled me into projects I don't always expect, but always enjoy.

Jimmy, Jason, Billy, and Neel.  The college car bro crew!  Laying down Wrinkle Red, cruising, racing, wrecking, and wrenching in sketchy locations across the country since '03.

Papa Fazz.  Electronics professional, Harley owner, the inspiration for my madness!

Grandpa Fazz.  I inherited my tool addiction from him!

Grandpa Palmer.  Mountain man, career truck driver, fisherman, hunter.  He lives in the mountains of Idaho, but he's always good for old school hot rodder stories!

Uncle Rich.  Checker Aerobus owner, heavy equipment operator.

Big Woody.  Business owner, shop landlord, Harley addict.  This man is a gearhead to his very core.

Ian.  A relative newcomer to the scene, but quickly becoming a good friend.  GM muscle, C10s, powder coated steelies, and vintage vans.

Bill Lewis.  Expert TIG welder.  He picks up where my skills leave off!

Kage.  Forklift operator.

Kage and Gunner.

Snap-on Dan.  I've helped this bastard shatter a sales target or two.  I couldn't ask for a better dealer though; the man hustles!

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