VHT Wrinkle Plus

Good stuff.   Paint everything with it.

The Wrinkle Red tutorial, from Jason the wrinklemaster himself:

i might wrankle red my plenum this weekend
jason, do i let it dry up before hitting it with the heat gun?

oh, now you wanna know?
the steps are, clean with degreaser, soap etc.
dry, duh.
liek fully dry
 then wax and grease remover it.
 then spray on primer
i liek grey primer, it does change the red color
oh, before primer, but after wax and grease remover, you mask evertyhing off.
also duh
and a light primer at that. so as soon as the primer is dry,  start sprayign red.
 get liek 3 coats, but keep going, always, dont' stop, keep spraying all the coats.
like, if it starts to run you've put too much, but you want just before that. it'll skin up and get a gloss, look real good, then heatgun in one spot
at like 45 deg. move around tho, dont sit in one spot at all.
 keep in that spot, ~ 3" around, untill it starts to wrinkle up.
then keep it moving in larger circles.
it'll wrinkle up , but you are coming back to it again, ant he warm edge keeps moving, on all fronts, speed shoudl be about 3" per second
the band will be like, 1" thick, and put the gun at an angle so all the runoff goes onto fresh paint
so dont let it dry at all before heat gunning?
you want ti to start to skin
and not blow around with the air force coming from the hetgun

otherwise you'll have wrinkle ripples

it should come out perfect, like that
dont' stop the heatgun, don't jump around, just start at one spot and go from there
and you shoudl def have enough pain t on there to blow ripples around.
but in liek 3 sepparate coats, otherwise you'll have the VOCs boil off and give you wrinkle bubbles