Monday, May 27, 2013

I installed the dummy engine/trans setup I cleaned up last week and put the Jetta up on the lift.

Before I build my exhaust, I have to do some more rust repair. 

Rear bumper bracket:

Moving underneath, there are some rust spots and some bent steel around brackets that aren't in use anymore.

The left rear corner had another spot of rust that the media blasting uncovered.  This section is three layers thick, so I had to cut away all three and repair each one individually.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tonight I installed the rubber bushings and my homemade stainless bushing inserts in the front engine crossmember.

Top side washer and sleeve installed:

Oops!  I fucked this one up.

Back to the lathe to make a new set...

Clamping it together to squish the bushing while allowing access through the center.

I installed a flat-head bolt through the center to swage the lower washer in place.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

I wasn't happy with the paint on the top of the engine crossmember, so I taped the bottom and resprayed it.

Much better!

Then I tried to install the bushings.  Not pictured: gigantic screwdrivers, prybars, and big scratches in my fresh paint.  I fucked it up.

Paint... for the third time!

I decided to install a junk block/trans/head assembly so I can build the exhaust and power steering lines.  I originally wanted to install the real motor, but I have a spare setup laying around and that will prevent scratches in the real parts.

This trans has been laying around outside for months, and it was junk when I got it.  I decided to gut it so I can lift it easier.

I didn't have the huge hex key for the selector shaft plug, so I made one!

Tape template:

Transferred to a junk socket:

Painted template:



Skip a few steps

I decided to spray the trans and block with some junk primer, just to keep everything clean.

I was missing a transmission bracket, but Brady had one.  He cruised out in his Cabrio to deliver it and check on my progress.

This thing is cool!  Borbet E's, old Mason-Tech airride, and brown Plasti Dip.

All ready to drop in.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

More supplies!  Satin black single stage and epoxy primer.

I cleaned up the motor mounts, took them apart, and prepped the individual parts for paint.

Ready for primer and paint!

Painted.  The engine crossmember has some flaws and needs to be resprayed, but the rest of the parts turned out decent.

Ian, Jason, and Jimmy stopped out Saturday night to share stories and beers.  Good times!