Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New tools!   It isn't much, but I bought a 1/2" drive Hansen socket tray and a 1-1/16" deep impact socket in an effort to complete my set.

I'm at the point where almost every new tool requires a re-arrange of the drawer it's going in.  Here is the "before" of my socket drawer:

And here it is after.  I demoted a gigantic prybar to live outside of the box, freeing up 1" x 45" of real estate.  I also moved SAE sockets to the left and metric sockets to the right, which now matches my wrench drawer.  I'm not sure how my OCD didn't catch it earlier, but I've been living with mismatched toolbox drawers for over 2 years!

I forgot to take a picture after Lewis welded up my bulkhead fittings, but they were beautiful as always.  I felt like I shouldn't slap on my usual MIG boogers to attach them to the floor, so I tried my hand at TIG.  It's not perfect, but not too bad for an overhead job!

I bent up both of the front hydraulic hardlines.  Now the fittings from hard to flex line will be well protected in the gap between the frame rails and subframe mounts, since this stuff is riding 1/2" from the floor!  They're also well clear of any jacking points.

Last weekend I went to help my buddy Chris dig some dirt.  He rented a skid loader to widen his driveway.  If any ordinance enforcement officers are reading this, it's for "better visibility."

This weekend I spent the weekend in Virginia visiting my brother.  If you're ever near Blacksburg, check out The Palisades restaurant in Eggleson, VA.  It's in the absolute middle of nowhere.  Actually you take the "Nowhere" exit off of the highway and travel 10 miles further into nothing.  Just watch out for banjo music and don't make any wrong turns on the way!  I cannot say enough good things about this place; it's one of the best meals I've ever had out!  Just out of frame to the left was a parking lot full of $60k SUVs who have discovered this gem, and just out of frame to the right was an old 7.3 Powerstroke Ford pickup parked between a single-wide and a condemned barn.

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