Monday, December 1, 2014

I finished shaving the unused holes in my radiator support.  Next, I'm going to re-shape the rear section.  This is what it looks like now - there are a bunch of unused clips and dents.  Some of them are for structural support, and some of them are to add clearance for parts that I've deleted.

The ends also have a really big gap where they meet the frame rail.  It doesn't need to be a tight fit, but I'm going to re-shape this area so it fits a little closer to the body and looks a little better.

Here is the plan for the shape.  I plan on squaring it off with straight, clean lines instead of the lumpy factory edge.

Here are some closer pictures of the missing holes.  I deleted all of the hood release cable holes, I'm going to have to fabricate something I can reach through the grille.

The bluing is to check for low spots.  The piece is so wrinkly and dented from the factory, I have a lot of hammering and puttying to do!  These underhood stampings just don't meet the same quality standards as exterior (visible) body panel stampings.

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