Sunday, January 11, 2015

I decided that the roof skin I purchased wasn't good enough, so I sourced another one.  I may have been able to fix the first one, and I was looking forward to the metal shaping practice, but I just don't have the time if I want to finish this car for 2015.  

So I bought another one.  I actually made two trips to Patterson Auto Wrecking, which is about 150 miles from my shop, to inspect and then purchase the roof.  This place is a first-class operation - they have all of their inventory online, they were able to email me photos of the car, and the cuts were exactly where I wanted them.  

Loaded up and ready to roll!

Back at the shop, I cut away the remains of the glass and wire-wheeled away the urethane adhesive.

I flipped it over onto my jig/buck and discovered a little surprise - I'm not sure what happened inside this car, but it doesn't look good!  I'm not sure if that is blood or some other brown substance... but I wore gloves and threw everything away.

The entire headliner was covered in spatter.  The car was only lightly hit on the left front, so I don't think it was blood from a wreck. Perhaps a murder?  Maybe somebody shook up their root beer before opening it?  Who knows.  

I started cutting away the structure because I'm only using the skin.  I am grinding or sanding the spot welds instead of drilling them.  This is much faster and it's easier to save the bottom panel.  It does destroy the 'top' panel though, which doesn't matter in my case.

To grind the welds, I'm using either a cut-off wheel in my die grinder or my Dynafile.  This continues to be one of my favorite and most used fabrication tools. 

I even got out the Plasma cutter, which I rarely use, to cut away some of the excess steel before grinding the spot welds.  

And there it is.  Next I have to brace up my Jetta, cut off the old top, and glue on the new one!

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