Sunday, March 15, 2015

I received the last body panel I have been waiting for - the left front fender.  This came from a local junkyard, it isn't perfect, but it should work.

I continued on with mounting suspension under the car so I can get moving on bodywork.  Kage helped, mainly by sitting on my mat every time I stood up to grab another tool.

I wanted to mount the steering wheel, so I had to whip up a "loop" for my steering rack.  This will prevent the oil and grease inside my steering rack from spilling all over the floor, and will prevent contamination from entering the rack as I steer during the bodywork process.

I mounted up the dash crossmember and steering column.

I connected the column to the rack and tested it out.

Next I have to rig up something to keep the wheel bearings tight without the axles.  The axle bolts preload the wheel bearing, and without an axle in place they will fall apart.  I can't mount axles at the moment, so I have to fabricate something.

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