Monday, March 14, 2016

I've spent some time over the past few weeks organizing my shop space.  I organized all of my loose hardware, wiped down my toolboxes, and found a home for all of the loose boxes of parts I had lying around.

I organized all of my taps and tap drills.  These plastic cases are only about $1 from McMaster, and they keep things much more organized.  

I made room for a few new tools!  I expanded my Snap-on Flank Drive Plus set to include the 7mm, 8mm, and 9mm wrenches.  I also picked up some long hex bit sockets to complete my set and an A139 shock socket.  I have all  of the normal stuff, from here forward all of my tool purchases are going to be random and weird.

I am continuing work on my control arms.  I finish welded and ground pieces of tubing to fill the center access hole, and welded plugs in all of the unused holes on each arm.


I had all of the pieces tacked, but I waited to finish weld the area around the bushing until I was able to machine a plug.  Not only will this solid aluminum bushing help keep the hole round by not allowing it to collapse, it will help draw heat away from the welds.  Rather than lay a bead, I tacked around this area in an effort to keep it cool and minimize warping.

Now that the first arm is almost done, I'm moving on to the tubing around the second front lower control arm.  This is all just a repeat of the first arm, and all of the pieces are pre-fabricated which should make it go much faster.

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