Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm back!

I'm going to start with a few car-related field trips from the last few months.

I had the chance to visit Snyder Specialty Cars in Ohio with Jimmy, Jason, and the Bradfordwoods Motor Club.

I've studied this language.

I don't know a whole lot about anything here, but it was all pretty rad.

Jimmy immediately found the nicest jack stands in the place.

This was one of the oldest cars in the collection.

This Ford Model T Limosine was apparently one of one and valued at over 7 figures,

Complete with a chandelier!

Jason was quick to point out any wackiness in these old cars.

Pretty wacky.

These guys made their money with a very successful pre-war Ford parts business, so naturally most of the collection was made up of beautifully restored pre-war Fords.

The other half of the collection was 60s era drag cars!

Many of these were historically significant, though I know nothing about most of them.

There were a handful of super early bikes in the mix too.

All of the letters were hand painted... no decals here!

Metal flake for days


Not to be confused with Larry Larson of current drag racing fame.

I think this was a replica, but badass nonetheless.

This thing was pretty rad.

Ghost flames!

This was another type of 'factory lightweight' car that they seemed to have a lot of.

Ain't nothin' lighter than a hole.

A couple NASCARs in the mix.

Such a crazy mix!


I found this in the bathroom.  I finally found a Snap-on tool I don't own! I need to bother Snap-on Dan and get one of these.

Alright this is just over the top.

They also had an on-site complete restoration shop.

As we were leaving, the Model A club showed up.  These fuckers drove in the rain for their tour!

Back at Jimmy's afterward, we got into some shenanigans modifying office chairs because we're adults.  Lathe - Jason style.

A few weeks later, I had the chance tour Coastal Pet Products with a group of students from school.  We couldn't take any pictures of their operations, but we got a personal tour of the 'trophy room.'  The owners of the company also own the Pittsburgh International Race Complex and are avid race fans.  They run a pair of Vipers.  They're also into big game hunting. 

The guns were actually video game controllers for a hunting game that folds down from the ceiling.

These cars are the real deal.  No amateur shit here.


I also took another visit to Fort Pitt Classic Cars where they're working on an LS-swapped '55 Studebaker pickup.  They're building the truck on a No Limit Engineering chassis, and I may be getting involved at some point.  But for now I'm just spectating!

It looks like they have a good amount of work left!

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