Sunday, February 5, 2017

For the last few weeks, I have been preparing my brake calipers for powdercoat.

When I left off, I had just started to sand one of the rear calipers. These are cast aluminum, which sands quite easily by hand with some help from power tools occasionally.

In addition to sanding out the texture left from the casting process, I'm attempting to get all of the main surfaces straight and symmetric.

I noticed this bump on the back side of the calipers.  It wasn't used for anything, so I'm cutting it off!

Before and after.

The caliper on the left is finished to 80 grit, and the one on the right is still in process here.  I'm using bluing to help see the edges so I can tell if it will look straight after powdercoat.

After I was satisfied with all of the flat surfaces, I painted them up again to sand the fillets.

Two calipers in 80 grit.

After 80 grit, I blued them up again in preparation for 150 grit.  The bluing seeps into the sanding scratches, I'm effectively using it as guide coat here.

Finished!  These are both of the rear calipers finished in 150 grit and Scotch-Brite.

The rear caliper carriers and front calipers are all steel, so I will be using more power tools.  I spent some time organizing my abrasives for quick access.

Next I will be working on the rear caliper carriers.  These are cast steel so they don't sand as easily.

I made this fixture to help hold it in the vise during polishing.  It's not a regular shape, so I can bolt it to this fixture instead of trying to clamp on the surfaces I'm polishing.

After a considerable amount of sanding, filing, and more sanding, I've made a bit of progress!  The letters are recessed on these, so they may have to stay, unless I think I can get away with wet paint and putty on the carriers.  I may also be able to powdercoat once, sand them flat, then add a second coat of powder.

In non-VW news, I spent a few hours sharpening and adding to a drill bit set I inherited from my Grandpa last year when he passed away.  I also inherited his Drill Doctor, which works great!  I filled out and sharpened his 29 piece set (1/16"-1/2" by 64ths).

I also stumbled into this on Instagram.  Somebody lifted a picture of my toolbox from the internet and made a meme from it haha.  Pro tip: no wife = more tools.
Last week also brought some excitement as Woody Sr. hauled home his freshly completed '64 Chevy pickup.  He started the build himself last year, and had it finished by 89 Speed Shop in North Carolina.  They did an amazing job!

Crate LS3, Delmo tubs, all new chrome, fresh satin black.  No big deal.

Accuair, Selfmade rear tubs, fresh wood, mostly real but some fake patina.

Custom AF.

He unveiled the truck at the World of Wheels custom car show in Pittsburgh.

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