Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blast from the past!!! Tomorrow is my 10 year anniversary on the vwvortex forums so I was going through some old pictures. 

February 2001; I bought my mk2 golf!  It was a 1988, 1.8l 8v, 5-speed.  I think I paid $1050, it needed a wheel bearing and the right rear corner was dented.  This picture was taken about a month before I turned 16.

I didn't even have a permit yet; I had to ride shotgun!

This must have been spring 2002, I wrecked it in winter 2001/2002 and had to do some bodywork on the left front corner.

Sometime in the summer of 2002, I wrecked it again.  I bought another mk2 as a parts car and combined the two.

Cutting up the shell with Jeff Baker and Luigi DeSocio
Some things never change... dual sawzalls, smiling from ear to ear!  Note the Dan's Competition T-shirt (BMX supply store)
This was in the middle of some bodywork.  Check out the 1964 Ford Galaxie in the background!  It was my great grandmother's car, my dad bought it after she passed and it sat around for a few years.

Note the POS stickers

I painted the whole car in single stage blue acrylic enamel at JD Autobody in Oakmont, PA. Jeff was friends with the owner, Joe, and he let me rent the booth and borrow a spray gun.  I did the jambs and everything, I was pretty happy with it for a first paint job.

The interior was pretty clean and simple

Sweet equalizer, bro!

I made these tweeter pods after reading a how-to article in Minitruckin' magazine.

Sweet system!  I traded Woody a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger for the dented 10" Orion sub haha. blast from the past!  Also notice some tape edge issues.

Where have the years gone!

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