Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More sanding...

Here is something a little more exciting; my powder coated parts came back!  These were done by Allegheny Metal Finishers in Imperial, PA.  They did an excellent job!  The bumper rebars are a little more glossy than I wanted, but that's no big deal. 

All the visible parts were sandblasted and powder coated with primer.  I will do some bodywork on these and then wet paint them with my satin black pearl mixture. 

The OEM stampings are really ugly!  There are defects everwhere, but that's understandable since these were never meant to be visible.

There is a big wrinkle here on the subframe.

In a way it's cool to see how these are stamped, and really makes you appreciate the work required to make the body panels perfect and smooth.

Here is the big reason I didn't have them powdercoated - the spotwelds.  These welds are HUGE and deep, I might be able to block sand them out with only the powdercoat, but I might have to add putty and/or weld.

I also bought another trans for parts.  I want to use the drive flanges and clutch arm off of this one, and I also wanted to pull out all the bolts so I can measure them and order stainless replacements. 

Trannies everywhere!  It's like a Thai strip club.


  1. instead of bondo, do you want me to hook you up with some epoxy paste? takes longer to cure, but it's not polyester and talc based.

  2. I think I'm probably going to stick with what I know, especially since I have never done bodywork over powder coat. Does it have to be applied over bare metal?