Monday, May 7, 2012

I did a bunch of awesome stuff this weekend and forgot to take pictures of anything. 

I was in the city for happy hour Friday evening, and decided to swing by the Carnegie Mellon FSAE garage to check on the progress of this year's car.  They leave for competition tomorrow, good luck guys!  I was honestly impressed by the build quality of the car this year, after a few questionable years they have definitely stepped it up.  As I said I forgot to take pictures, so I stole this one from Facebook. 

Good luck at competition!

After that I met my friends Jason and Rochelle for some brewskis.

I blew a ton of money at the paint store Saturday morning!

I bought my first pint of color coat - this is Reflex Silver that I plan to use on the intake manifold and some other engine parts.  I cheaped out and went with PPG Omni MBC base coat instead of PPG Deltron DBC, but this stuff sprays pretty well. 

I did some more painting on Sunday; more satin black stuff for the engine compartment. 

Timing cover, plug wire clips, shifter detent for the trans, and the axle heat shield:

coolant pipe:

Check out the color mismatch on these timing covers.  They were sprayed out of the same batch, at the same time, in the same booth.  Woody thinks the paint wasn't mixed up enough, that's the best theory I have right now.  They might get redone anyway because there is a shitload of dust in the lower cover.

Painters bandage

After all the dust in the last two batches of paint, I pulled the rack out of the booth to get it sanded down.  I plan on painting this thing so I can wipe it down before painting parts hanging on it.  I have some ~5 year old Deltron DBC and Stratoclear laying around, I might spray that and hope it cures.  I'm already $9 over budget after the $9 worth of sanding discs I used.

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