Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I did a little more sanding on the clutch arm, this will need some more primer and maybe another coat of mud before paint. 

Fro stopped out to do some work on his Benelli M4, he needed some retaining ring pliers to swap out a few parts.


I cleaned up the rack I have been using as a paint rack, it kept flaking dust into my paint so I decided to clean it up.  After some sandpaper and Awesome:

I wanted to paint it, but didn't want to spend any money. I cracked open the paint I had leftover from my last paint job - in July 2007!  The shelf life of this stuff is about a year... but it all looked pretty good.

I threw down some sealer

Mixed up some teal!

Shot some color and clear

I now have a badass paint rack that won't flake dust into my real paint.  I'm more excited about the fact that 5-year old paint mixed and cured!

It's hard to tell if this is orange peel because the surface was so rough before I started, but it will work.

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