Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More new tools!  Snap-on 4mm-8mm hex bit sockets. 

I ordered a sight glass (damn you Jimmy!), but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it.  It would be very practical, but the new coolant reservoir will look better without it.

I made another fixture to turn the OD of the hemispheres.

Chamfered for better weld penetration.

Bill Lewis welded up one of the pieces.  I need to grind the weld flush before it gets welded into the sphere.  This will be the coolant inlet at the top of the reservoir.

I also made this piece on my lathe.  It will get welded to the threaded cap, then press into the Billet Specialties cap cover.  With this piece, I no longer have to weld directly to the Billet Specialties piece.

After welding, this will go back in the lathe for a little more work.

A few weeks ago I finally got an EZPass.  Of course I can't leave anything alone, so I painted it black.

Now I've taken it too far.  I cut a piece of black vinyl film to stick inside the windshield, which will black out the whole area. 

Strategically located so I can't even see it from the driver's seat.

EZPass... OCD style!


  1. Haha, good call on the EZPass. I might have to do that.

    Apparently they work through some glove boxes, especially if you have a pocket on the upper dash.

  2. Hahaha after moving to CA my EZPass was so tucked under behind my rear view mirror that it took a couple months for me to remember to scrape off the 3M adhesive strips!