Thursday, February 7, 2013

I did some more work on my coolant reservoir this week.

I ground the weld and pressure tested the coolant inlet nipple.

Last week I made a ring for the cap, which I had welded on and then put back in the lathe for finishing.
Before welding:



It presses inside the Billet Specialties cap.

This is how the top of the reservoir will look.

I cut a hole through the side for the coolant inlet, all the welds will be inside the sphere so it will look clean.

-10AN fitting out the bottom

-6AN fitting and cap in the top

Next I did some figuring to lay out the 3 mounting bosses.

I used the lathe to help layout the lines exactly 1" apart.

The mounting bosses

During the final fitting, I fucked it all up.  The holes ended up ovalized and the gaps were too big, so I had Bill build up some weld so I can try again.  I ordered another hemisphere, but I think I can fix this one.

I also destroyed one of my mounting bosses trying to saw it off.

New mounting boss to replace the gouged one:

After laying everything out a little better, I'm starting again.  This time it should be more symmetric with tighter gaps. 

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