Sunday, April 28, 2013

The engine bay is in primer!  It isn't perfect, but I think all the flaws will sand out in the primer layer.  I still need to add seam sealer to all the cracks, then it will get a few coats of sealer primer before paint.

I'm pretty happy with the symmetry.

Next I am prepping the front crossmembers for paint.  These were sandblasted and powder-primered a few months ago, then I touched them up with some bondo and epoxy primer.  Tonight I finished up the putty work, they are ready for urethane primer and single-stage black.

I also need to finish weld, putty, and paint the fan shroud I made a few months ago.  I'm going to re-work a few spots, but I think I'm happy with the general idea of it.

300 cans of Busch Light fit on the Beetle's new roof rack.

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