Thursday, May 2, 2013

I sprayed another coat of primer on the front suspension crossmembers.  Now I can sand them down to 400 grit (dry) and spray the single stage satin black on them. 

I started cleaning the power steering rack, I'm going to try to paint it black next week also.

In January 2012, I removed the front crossmember bushings.

The supplies:  The old bushings, some 316 stainless washers, some 303 stainless rod, and Turner's tea.

A bit of lathe work

Fit together

My swaging tool

Swaged in place.  After I assemble the rubber through the crossmember, I can swage the 2nd washer on the other side.  This will capture the bushing assembly, then it gets clamped permanently by a bolt.

Two done, two to go.

Woody's beetle is back on the road for the spring!

Woody Sr. is sill plugging away on his new Road Glide project.  26" front wheel!

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