Sunday, May 19, 2013

I wasn't happy with the paint on the top of the engine crossmember, so I taped the bottom and resprayed it.

Much better!

Then I tried to install the bushings.  Not pictured: gigantic screwdrivers, prybars, and big scratches in my fresh paint.  I fucked it up.

Paint... for the third time!

I decided to install a junk block/trans/head assembly so I can build the exhaust and power steering lines.  I originally wanted to install the real motor, but I have a spare setup laying around and that will prevent scratches in the real parts.

This trans has been laying around outside for months, and it was junk when I got it.  I decided to gut it so I can lift it easier.

I didn't have the huge hex key for the selector shaft plug, so I made one!

Tape template:

Transferred to a junk socket:

Painted template:



Skip a few steps

I decided to spray the trans and block with some junk primer, just to keep everything clean.

I was missing a transmission bracket, but Brady had one.  He cruised out in his Cabrio to deliver it and check on my progress.

This thing is cool!  Borbet E's, old Mason-Tech airride, and brown Plasti Dip.

All ready to drop in.

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