Sunday, September 8, 2013

I received most of the parts for my exhaust - a Vibrant Performance 304 stainless flex section, a Magnaflow universal stainless steel catalytic converter, a Magnaflow resonator, and Magnaflow muffler. 

All of the welds were pretty nasty, so I cleaned them up.  I also gave them all a nice uniform brushed finish with red Scotch-Brite.


The catalytic converter came with an "OEM Style Heat Shield," which was made of galvanized steel, and generally ugly.  So I cut it off.

I made a new one from brushed stainless steel that will match the style of the main heat shield.  This one will go on the bottom of the cat, so I don't start fires if I park on dry grass.

I'm ready for some more welding, I will continue the exhaust this week.

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