Monday, September 2, 2013

I had a few more of the seams in my heat shield welded, and then I ground and blended them.

Last week, I thought I was finished with this thing.  It certainly wasn't perfect, but for the first time during this project I called it 'good enough.'  No close-ups photos!

Then I tried to fit it back up to the body.  I was able to get all 10 screws into the fixture, but it took some serious tugging and most of the screws were really tight.  I wasn't able to get more than 6 screws into while it was mounted in the car.  Plus it warped quite a bit during the weld process, and I didn't do a great job grinding the welds.

So I cut it up.  This fucking piece is killing me.  I have been busy with other stuff and haven't been working on the car as much, but I've been working on this thing half of the summer.

I posted this same picture back on July 14... Hopefully my 2nd attempt at making the center section is a little more successful.

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