Sunday, July 12, 2015

I got the hood sprayed with epoxy primer again this weekend.  It looks pretty good, it's about ready for final prime and finish sanding now.

While it was (finally) sunny outside, I decided to strip the old paint off of my roof and spray it with epoxy primer as well.  I also did the driver side A- and B-pillars.

I also stripped and sprayed the second tow hook I added on the driver side frame rail a few months ago.

I ordered a new radiator, the old one was a little sketchy.

The original radiator fan shroud uses self-tapping screws threaded into plastic, but I wanted to use proper stainless screws.

This is the original:

I drilled it out from 5mm to 8.9mm diameter, I did it in multiple steps to prevent the plastic from splitting.

I installed heat staking brass inserts.  These are pretty slick, you heat them up with a soldering iron and then press them into the plastic hole.

After trimming away the excess melted plastic, they are now threaded to accept a stainless M6 screw.

New tools!  I ordered a set of Lisle hose cutting pliers and two sets of cheapo Astro Pneumatic bit sets (one for work and one for my toolbox).

I also ordered a set of VIM 1/4" drive stubby triple square bit sockets.  Sometimes the larger ones don't fit, the newer German cars are built entirely with these fasteners.

I used a Snap-on magnetic socket rail from the last bit set I bought, it tucks nicely under the rear lip of my socket drawer.  I'm running out of real estate so I have to get creative with the new sets!

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