Sunday, August 16, 2015

It has been a while since my last update, but I'm back!

I'm starting grad school this fall, and that has taken up a LOT of my time recently.  I started the whole process last October studying for the GMAT admissions test, then applications, admissions interviews, then various orientation and welcome events, and even moving closer to campus.  I'm just about to start classes, so unfortunately the Jetta will not be my main priority for the next ~3 years.  I still plan to work on it whenever I can, working on this project is my way of relaxing.

New tools!  I just moved, and along with that I had to assemble some furniture.  Of course I can't build furniture with shitty tools, so I bought another pair of Stabila levels.  My dresser is plumb within 0.027ยบ now.

I have been working on the interior floors lately, I have spent a lot of time scuffing the existing epoxy primer and grinding away surface rust that has been slowly growing on all of the bare steel areas.  I have wanted to get it all sealed up for a while, and finally got around to it.

Papa Fazz came out to help with the final prep.

I mixed up some DP50LF epoxy primer.

Fast forward a few steps... and the interior is now all sealed up in two fresh coats of epoxy primer.

I also sprayed my hood hinges, now I can mount the hood in place before finishing the final bodywork.

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