Monday, September 7, 2015

A few buddies had their annual shop party  at their garage.  As usual, the minibike racing was the highlight of the night!  This year it took longer than expected to get them running, and after the bloodshed last year I decided to leave before things got ugly.  

Johnny D's machine was probably the most complete, but it had a slight fuel leak.

Ingredients: Metal, Gasoline, Danger.

Tim's machine required the most work.  He had to mount the clutch and fabricate new engine mounts.

While hanging out, I couldn't help but notice how many V8s were just laying around.

Back to reality!  I started mounting all of the body panels to the Jetta.  Now that the interior is coated in epoxy primer, I can focus on bodywork - first on some components, then on the main body itself.

First I turned down some bolts to mount the hood hinges.  These are 18-8 stainless steel bolts.

They look much better without the markings!

I mounted the steering column and dash brace back into the car so I can wheel it around a little more easily.

Doors and fenders

Isn't it beautiful!

I started to continue the putty work on my fan shroud.  I paused this a few months ago when I started ramping up my preparations for school to start, now I can get back to it.  Hopefully I can get it puttied and sealed in epoxy primer before it starts to rust!

Adding all of these ribs and details are going to look good, but it certainly isn't making my life easy at this point!

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