Sunday, August 10, 2014

More progress!  I finished bending the left rear hydraulic line, and built a mockup of the left front hydraulic line.  I ended up using more tubing than I thought to make the sample pieces, so I have to wait for more to arrive before I can continue.

My friends Ian and Dave had a party at their garage this Saturday.  The highlight of the day were the minibike races, and of course the scramble to get them all running!

Tim's brakes had worn down so far that the pads were no longer touching the rotor.  He needed a spacer, so I loaned him $.05 and it fit perfectly!

The starting line

These things are fucking dangerous!

At some point during the night, they decided to go for a ~2 mile ride along an old railroad trail.  Of course they broke down, so I had to go rescue them in the old Ford.  I'm pretty sure that 4 adult men and two minibikes are over the GVWR of this truck, but nothing broke!

I went to Harbor Freight today, and this nice toolbox was on sale!  I can't believe nobody has bought it yet.  I don't think I have enough hammers to fix this one!

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