Sunday, July 17, 2016

This weekend I went to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix!  It's a really cool event here in Pittsburgh that combines a car show on the Schenley Park golf course and a vintage race through the park on city streets.

The show started over a week ago, with special events every day until the weekend races in Schenley Park.  The Walnut Street car show was very interesting for me this year since I live so close.  I was able to see all of the cars, then come back later in the evening to watch them drive away.

They close 4 blocks of Walnut street, a fancy shopping district, for an invite-only car show highlighting a diverse mix of the overall show.

These aren't your typical Hondas and Chevelles.

ASC Mclaren Mustang was an interesting sight.

This satin white R8 was not part of the show, just happened to be parked nearby.

This weekend was the actual car show and race.  I went both Saturday and Sunday since I live 5 minutes from the park. The weather was beautiful, but crazy hot.

What a bargain!  It said they have more for sale; I might just buy two.

Clean S4

This one makes me miss my old MK2 golf!

I really liked this Corrado.  Just simple and clean.

I spotted two TVRs in the show field!  I took a chance to inspect their hood hinges.  I had assumed the TVR I worked on was modified, but wasn't sure what the original hood hinge structure looked like.

It would be convenient if these opened a little further!

The convertible had been modified with a spherical bearing rod end at some point.

But the second car was all original.  I thought the car I worked on was bad (unistrut and structural steel angle iron poorly welded in place).  But this is even worse!  A single-shear bolt loaded with all sorts of cantilevered bending loads held the bushing.  It only went through one side of the tube... which was slotted!  Good work, England!

This year I moved around a lot and saw a few different spots on the race course.  This is the tightest turn on the course, a hairpin leading into "Serpentine Road," which is itself a series of hairpins.

The picture doesn't look great, but this is a really cool spot to watch.  It's surrounded by shade and you have a good view of a high-speed sweeping corner off as they brake to make the turn with a fountain in the foreground.

The University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning in the background.  What an awesome day of racing!

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