Saturday, June 24, 2017

New tools! I visited Snap-on Dan for the first time in many months.  I picked up my first ratcheting screwdriver, it seems like everybody loves these but I've never owned one.   I also picked up another chisel holder for my work toolbox.  The engineer's hammer belonged to my late grandfather, I just transferred it from my apartment to my work toolbox.

This is the primary reason I tracked down the Snap-on man.  They recently released these triple-row socket trays, which have a center row for mid-length sockets.

Previously, I had my last row of 3/8" drive sockets (12pt metric deep) on a standard plastic clip rail, which makes them harder to remove.  I also had my mid-length sockets on a deep row of a standard Hansen tray.

First step: cut off the pegs I don't plan to use.  I don't own any 6mm, 7mm, or 20mm sockets in 3/8" drive and don't plan on buying any.

Successful reorganization.  Now I have my entire 3/8" drive metric socket collection in one organized brick - low profile, swivel, 6pt shallow, 6pt mid length, 6pt deep, 12pt shallow, and 12pt deep.

I visited my grandmother for her birthday, and picked up a few more items from my grandfather's collection.  I found this whole box of vintage motor bearings!  I haven't gone through everything in detail yet, but the few I opened were still in great shape and wrapped in the original VCI paper.

I also found this cool old 115v motor.  I'm not sure what I will use it for, but it could come in handy someday.

And also this gigantic sledgehammer head.  I need to re-handle it, then it will be ready to smash.

To update my last post, the cornhole boards are all painted and ready to party!  My friend Susan did the finish and paint work.

And finally, some more work on the Jetta!  I'm still plugging away polishing my front caliper carriers.  This is pretty time consuming, and takes forever when I can only allocate 2 hours/week to actually work on them.  I really enjoy these little details though, getting everything just right no matter how far hidden it will be on the finished car.

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  1. Hey man. When you de-pinned and rewired you harness where/how did you find new pins for the VW plugs? We're they standard pins or...?