Sunday, October 7, 2012

New hammers!  I bought a 5-pack on ebay in pursuit of the BF616 - one of the 2 Snap-on hammers I needed to complete my collection.  The rest are either sold or for sale (One BF604 left)

It's an interesting little guy.

There is room to squeeze one more in there! 

Friday night I prepped a few more things for black paint.  I had one more oil filter to paint, this one will be black with silver logos.


Everything on this bench turned out really bad.

Alternator plastics:

Distributor cap

Starter end cap, oil fill cap, alternator pulley, power steering pump adjuster, and distributor.

I finished the reassembly of the alternator.

I had previously stripped and tinned the leads on the windings, I crimped them together and soldered them.  I forgot to take an 'after' pic of the solder, but I'm happy with it.

Some of the sensors are color coded for their location.  New color code: black.

I finished working on the engine/transmission assembly for now, this week I'm moving on to the body itself!  I plugged or masked all the holes and covered it in plastic.

I wish I could take decent quality pictures.

Ready for the next step!

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