Sunday, October 14, 2012

This area needed rebuilt, I wasn't happy with the gaps:

Nothing a little cutting and welding can't fix!

I started bodywork on the firewall insert.  I covered the welds with Evercoat Tiger hair. 

This is really wicked shit!  The only practical way to cut it is with 40 grit on the DA.  After sanding, there isn't much left.  The rest will be filled with a skim coat of regular putty.

Some action shots

It still needs a lot more work, but it's getting there.

Fro stopped out for some more gunsmithing.  And a juice box.

I had to mill the stock on his Remington .308 for some modifications he has planned.

The kitties helped.  They always help when I'm in the main shop building.

I pushed the car outside today to spray some epoxy primer on the firewall.  There were a few bare metal spots from the mods I made earlier and some welds I touched up.

PPG DP40LF epoxy primer.

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