Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I went to H2O International this weekend in Ocean City, MD.  It's a VW show, but a lot of different cars showed up in town for the weekend.

E36 convertible.

The S2000 behind it was on the pinchwelds!

Interesting mk1 was hacked to the ground.  It looked cool, but I would be afraid to ride in it!

Clean mk4

I like these wheels.

Terrible pic, but the wheel fitment was very precise.  Flush within .005" I would say.

This was pretty clean.

I spy Raychem DR-25 heatshrink on those wires :)

Black knockoff Wiggins connector from eBay!  It's not currently available in the 2-3/4" size I need, but it looked a lot better than the purple originals.

I wish I was normal and capable of building a simple car like this. 

This Corrado was one of the cleanest cars at the show, but the owner was the biggest megadouche I have ever encountered.  There aren't many people that make me upset, but I really didn't like his attitude.

Back to work! 

I got the cylinder head in place.

And torqued the head bolts.  33 ft-lbs, then 44 ft-lbs, then +1/4 turn, then +another 1/4 turn.  These are really tight!

I had to make a tool to torque the bolt on the camshaft pulley.  2 bolts, a Taiwan prybar, and a little welding.

New oil fill plug bolt for the A/C compressor.  This is 3/8-24 thread in case anyone was wondering, the rest of the thing is metric.

Alternator and A/C compressor in place.

I installed the timing belt tonight.

Distributor timing marks aligned.

Intermediate shaft timing marks aligned

Timing covers installed!

Only a few more items to paint, then I'm ready to start the bodywork on the car itself!

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