Sunday, March 31, 2013

I block sanded the engine bay for a few more hours this weekend.  It's just about ready for a coat of regular urethane primer, except for the area around the passenger side wheel tub (left side of the pic).  I re-coated it a few more times with bondo, and just can't get the shape right.  I'll work on it this week.

I used my truck as a truck for the first time, it's finally past the 500 mile break-in period and I can start hauling shit.  Literally.  800lbs of horse manure for my dad's garden.  Papa Fazz observes as farmer Vinny loads 'er up.

Dave came out this weekend to weld up a gate for his garden using scrap fencing from the trash pile.  Our wild buddy Will showed up to help, we drank unhealthy amounts ofTurner's Tea, welded galvanized bolts to painted steel, and went to 380 Auction and Discount Warehouse - which is the most hilarious hillbilly store you can imagine.  It was an awesome day; except we forgot to take pictures until Dave was loading his old Chevy to leave.

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