Monday, March 4, 2013

More putty, more guidecoat.

The first gallon is gone!  I'm switching from Evercoat Rage Extreme to Evercoat Quantum1.

Primer!  I sprayed epoxy primer (PPG DP40LF) on the driver side of the engine bay.  Now the whole bay is in epoxy primer.  Next steps: touch-ups with putty, high-build primer, more touch-ups (if necessary), then sealer, then wetsand, then color!

The Busch Light wasn't mine.

More putty

Woody Sr. got himself a new project this week.  2013 Harley Davidson Road Glide.  It will be sawed in half next week.


  1. Evercoat Quantum 1, for small repairs.

    small. lol.

  2. I've been waittttting for pics of primer in that bay after some sanding was done, and mannn that must get you excited! I know I would be. Kinda like the beginning of the road home. Beautiful lines & shapes.

    That being said- I must inquire about the interior. Maybe I missed it somewhere... but what are your plans? I'm going to take this moment to try and convince you do go all out (as if you haven't already) and do NO carpets. I'm talkin matching the interior with the bay... I've personally never seen it done, and I don't know why no one ventures that far? Probably because they get finished with the bay & exterior, and just want it done.

    But I feel like you just might be crazy enough to make it happen. I've never had this much faith in anyone else, nor have I even bothered to try and actually comment on anyone elses projects. But really man- just think about it. The interior matches the exterior. Smooth panels, smooth paint, shaved/blended this and that, etc... I think you get my point. Then just finish it off with some classy but small foot carpets to protect where your feet will rest. Pleaseeee. You can dooo eeeet! That would be the most bad-assiest ride ever... not to mention it'd be on a mk3 on hydros. mmm.

    And that will wrap up my random blab storm. Sorry for that. Stay cool; & keep on keepin' on.

  3. @Jimmy - lol 1/2 gallon is smaller than 1 gallon!

    Thanks for the comments! The plan for the interior includes some stock-ish medium bolster front seats, a stock non-60/40-split bench, retrimmed in black leather with teal stitching. I feel like it will match the theme of the rest of the car - from 20' away, it will look like it was built in one winter, while the custom details are apparent only once you've studied it for a while. Rather than piling on the bling, the complexity is hidden within, only visible to those who care to look. Take the bay for example - NOBODY will see the amount of work in the firewall. Most will probably see the tubs, a few people might notice the firewall is different, and some might even find 1/2 of the mods if they followed my blog or look at another car. But that's not the point; the point is that all these subtle changes contribute to a better overall look, even though each individual modification might not be obvious. I want to carry that through to the interior. To the casual onlooker, it will appear to be a clean, stock black leather interior. Folks who stop to look at the details will be rewarded with subtle mods, and ultimately realize it's totally custom. Those are the cars I like to look at; the cars that continue to bring surprises as you look deeper. I agree that interior would be badass, though! I need to build another one so I can carry out all the ideas that "didn't fit" lol.