Sunday, July 14, 2013

I was happy with the test piece I bent from aluminum, so I transferred my pattern to a sheet of 22ga stainless steel. 

Bottom side marked out:

Top side:

The practice piece had a few scratches on it, so I polished up the edges of the bead roller to make everything smooth.


I made a tape template for the center piece. 

I forgot to take pictures, but I bent and fit the center piece.  I had Woody tack it in while everything was still bolted to the car.

This is really hard to get a clean photo of!

I bolted it to my fixture and delivered it to Lewis Welding.  He will do all the finish welding this week.  After these three pieces are welded together, I still have to design and bend the front section which will be visible from the engine bay.

I went to visit my Uncle Rich today, and snapped a picture of his 1968 Checker Aerobus.  He found this thing in a barn a few years back.  It hasn't changed much since he bought it, he is going to tinker with it this summer. 

I posted more info about it back when he first found it:

Fro and Jeremy stopped out and brought some toys!

This one was fun!

Each of these papers requires a signature from the local police chief, fingerprinting, up-to-date ID photos, a federal background check (which takes 6 months), and about $200 in taxes.  The hoops you must jump through to get the good stuff!

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  1. I've been following your jetta project for a while. I have to say I am really impressed with your work. You are very meticulous and have an eye for precision and are stubborn as hell. I like that!
    I thought about something though. Why not make yourself a shortened oil pan and oil pump pickup tube? You know, so you dont bash your oil pan into your stock pickup and toast that beautifully painted motor of yours. You can make them short enough so that the trans bellhousing becomes the lowest point on the motor assembly. Shorten the pickup tube to compensate, and its a great setup. You may have to add a bigger oil filter, external oil cooler, or a kickout section to the oil pan to make up for the lost oil capacity though. An acquaintence of mine makes a setup like this for 8vs if you dont want to make your own (which i totally think you should), but you can check it out on his site to see what I'm talking about. Its on here somewhere

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this project. I love it to hell.