Sunday, October 13, 2013

I made a few temporary exhaust brackets to hold everything up while I'm working on a new exhaust.  It's hard to hold everything while fitting and welding the pieces, so these are like temporary hands. 

I spent this weekend making a new exhaust hanger.  The factory piece was bent, I think it happened while the shell was being media blasted.

I bent up a section of 3/4" x .065" wall DOM steel tubing.

Then I tack welded it to a piece of scrap steel so I could hold it in my lathe at various positions.  This will all make sense in a minute.

Center drilled:

1/2" dilled through one wall.

Hole sawed through the center:

Nice tight fit!

After I had the center piece TIG welded, I cut it off of my jig and tapped in two steel caps.

After a few more welds and some grinding, this is the result!  The rubber hangers will hook onto the stainless steel piece I made a few weeks ago, which will be welded to the exhaust tubing.

I also whipped up a snow mobile stand this weekend.  There was an engine stand and a snow mobile in my way... so I combined the two and moved them out of my way!

Some scrap aluminum plate and old VW suspension bolts:

It even cradles the track so I can wheel it around the shop while the suspension is removed!

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