Sunday, November 3, 2013

I finished tacking up the exhaust and delivered it to Bill Lewis for final welding.

Check out this fixture he made for a header he's working on for another customer!

Earlier this weekend I smashed the cable in my SK hose clamp pliers.  Replacement cables are no longer available, but I figured I could make one.

This is the factory ferrule that was clamped to the cable.  I figured I could duplicate this on my lathe and crimp it to a new cable.

New piece turned, installed, and crimped onto $2.34 worth of 1/16" steel braided cable.

Back in action!

New tools!  This picture contains the highest quality tool and lowest quality tool I have ever purchased.  I bought the O2 sensor socket from Advance... it got the job done, but it's the ugliest piece I've ever seen!

I have been looking for a good deal on a Dynafile for a few months, and I scored this new-old-stock Dynabrade Dynafile II on eBay. Occasionally I will buy a tool and wonder how I ever lived without it, and this is quickly becoming one of them.  I've borrowed a friend's import version a few times, but everything works so much better on the Dynabrade.  It makes finishing welds so easy, it's like I'm cheating!

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