Sunday, June 15, 2014

F100 Inspection

My shop refused to pass the F100 without adding seat belts, so I bought a pair of lap belts from Amazon.  Since the seat belts weren't even an option in this year of truck, I had to fabricate some mounts.

I welded up some 1/8" and 3/16" steel plate and bolted it all together (with backing plates underneath) using Grade 8 bolts.

After installing the seat belts, I dropped it off for inspection Thursday night...

... And Friday morning, I got the call that it passed!  They were happy with the work I had done on the brakes and seat belts, so I'm finally road legal!

I decided to continue on with the tailgate fabrication.  The previous owner had started to rebuild the left side.  The work wasn't too bad, but I decided to rebuild it so that everything is my own work.

Fro stopped out and snapped a few photos of me in action.

I made the outer rib using an oak hammerform, then TIG welded it into the existing sheet.  They're not the best or most consistent welds, but this piece is good practice.

After some grinding

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