Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dave stopped out this weekend to bend a piece on the stretcher.  He's working on a similar project, welding floors into his '67 F100.

I started making pieces for the passenger side b-pillar transition.

After a little bit of welding and grinding:

Now I decided to patch a section with pop rivets rather than welding.  When I started this project, this is the quality level I was shooting for - scab in some scraps with rivets and tack welds until the holes are filled with minimal effort.  Well you see how it turned out... but I forced myself to take the low road on this patch.  At least I used 304 stainless steel so it won't corrode!

I found an exact match for the color of the truck!  Every word on this can suggests it will be perfect.

I pushed it outside and wiped down all of the new metal.


I also made a new fuel tank bracket, since the original was toast.  I folded this up from a piece of 16ga steel using the shear, brake, and some tubing on the press to make the dimple.

I reinstalled the gas tank, seat and doors.

Now I just have to wire in a horn and get it inspected!

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