Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I continued on with my tailgate repair.

I was interrupted by a cruise request, so I just threw the tailgate on and went!  Bare steel and clecos... hell yeah lol.

Jimmy, Krepley and I went to the Conemaugh Dam.  It was pretty dam sweet.

We had quite the crew... a clapped out STI, a barely-running American iron rust machine, and a roadworthy Italian sport bike.

My truck was only a few years old when this dam was built.  It's crazy to think that even older trucks hauled all of the material to build this thing.

There are four tunnels through the Bow Ridge adjacent to the dam, one of which is an old rail tunnel built in 1907.

The second tunnel is even creepier, I believe this one was built in 1864.  A third tunnel, which isn't visible, was built in 1827 and one of the oldest tunnels in the country.

I went to the shop tonight to find that about 1/2" of water had settled all over the floor.  We had really heavy rains today, so I spent all night dealing with this.

Our speakers are all swelled up!  This is the second (possibly third) flood that they have survived.  They still sound as mediocre as ever.

I also waxed my toolbox this weekend haha.

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