Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm back to my hammer addiction!

A few weeks back, I picked up some of the last two hammers I need to complete my collection.  This is a Snap-on BF610 shrinking hammer, which is essentially uesless, and a Blue Point BF619.

Neither hammer was in particularly good shape, so I refinished both of them.  I was able to save the original handles, which is a bonus in this case.  The BF610 is uesless other than my desire to build a complete collection, so wasting another $16 on a fresh handle was out of the cards.  The BF619 uses a slightly different handle, which is no longer available new.

The paint is a bit more glossy than I would prefer, but they turned out decent.

This face was really bad, I had to sand off quite a bit of material to get it smooth.  It's mostly round, with a slight barrel shape so the contact point is close to the center of the hammer.

I also scored another BF615 reverse curve hammer, but this is an earlier model branded as a Blue Point.  At some point in history, I believe somewhere in the late 1950s, these hammers switched from Blue Point to Snap-on brand.  Blue Point is a sub-brand usually reserved for products made by other companies.  The old Blue Point hammers were also red rather than black like the new hammers.

Here is how the early Blue Point BF615 hammers differ from the later Snap-on BF615 hammers: the curve direction of the round and square faces are switched!

This hammer will be my next restoration.  I have one more in the mail, so my collection should be complete within the week!

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