Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New tools!

I found a cheap Proto 1-7/8" socket on eBay for hitch balls.

Then I went to visit my buddy Snap-on Dan...

He was in the mood to drive his forklift, so I let him load some things into my truck.

So I decided to upgrade my work toolbox from a Harbor Freight 4-drawer to a fresh Snap-on KRSC326 in gloss white.  I ordered it 5-6 weeks ago and it finally arrived!  The footprint isn't significantly larger, but it's a bit taller and full drawers.  Plus they're still made in Algona, Iowa, so I took the chance to support American manufacturing since it pays my bills.

The drawers are still an unorganized mess, the HF was so packed that everything was just thrown in place and I didn't have room for any organizers.

I also splurged on a 10-19mm Snap-on Flank Drive Plus combination wrench set.  I've been eyeing this up for years, and finally went for it.

I sold my US General cart to Jimmy, and moved it into his garage.  He has tons of storage space now!

I found a water pump for my old Ford from Bob's F100 in California.  I also ordered all new hoses and a thermostat from LMC, with the intention of replacing the entire cooling system (except the rad).

Nobody was at the shop Saturday morning, so I hooked up a tow strap and tugged the old Ford into the garage.

I replaced the upper and lower rad hoses, both heater hoses, all of the hose clamps, thermostat and gasket, water pump and gasket, and every bolt, nut, and clamp that I removed.

Then I went for a cruise!

I cruised to the Freedom Farms cafe.  This is the family from the Farm Kings reality show, which I have never actually watched, but they make delicious food.

In "random project" news, I dabbled in appliance repair.  These are such simple little creatures, only a handful of components that are all $20 to replace.

This time around it was the thermal fuse.  $20.

In other random news, I went to the beach with my family last week.

I sniffed out some old Fords!

Brother Fazz, Afazz, and Papa Fazz.

This weekend I went to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix with my buddies Fro and Jason.

This Corrado was pretty clean.  I just noticed the creepy face in the background haha.

Tubbins' bagged R32 on CCW splits.

This old BMW had a cool Patina.

The paint on this 2002 was beautiful!

Under the hood wasn't so bad either.

This super clean E30 M3 passed us on the way home from the beach.  At legal speeds, of course.  I was happy to check it out at the show.

Jason's wrinkle red machine.

Wrinkle red, wrinkle black... WRINKLE EVERYWHERE!!!!111!

Clean '66

Ferrari F40!

This wasn't a real 250GTO, which are valued at ~$50 million, but was instead a re-bodied Ferrari 330 Series I.

Jason pointed out the asymmetry in the airdam of the Ferrari 348s, which is totally '80s rad.

F355s are badass.

I also went to visit Dave this weekend, and his '67 F100 is back on the road!  He welded in all new floors and cab mounts, after finishing up some wiring it was time for a victory cigar.

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