Friday, July 11, 2014

New tools!  Snap-on tamper proof Torx bit socket set from eBay, plus a Snap-on T60 individual socket to complete my collection.

So I was driving my old Ford home from the garage, and my water pump blew out.  Sorry for the mess, Sheetz!

I limped it back to my parents' house, and took it apart in the street.  I'm spoiled working in my fancy shop with awesome tools, it was nice to get some roadside wrenching with my junkyard toolbox (i.e. a bunch of mismatched imported junk tools) in the blazing hot sun.

One of the water pump bolts broke off, but I was able to wiggle it free.

This is the culprit!  The bearings and seals were all shot.

Nobody had the pump locally, so I decided to tow the Ford back to my shop while I wait for shipping from California.

Speaking of my junkyard toolbox, I decided to take inventory and make some additions after being forced to use it this week.  It's a nice mixture of high-quality spares, a few new items that were the result of closeout deals and/or binge purchases, and a lot of Harbor Freight.  It's all stuffed into an old plastic Heckinger toolbox from Grandpa Fazz.  I'm scheming to get a few more ratchets, extensions, and bit sockets in there.

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