Sunday, August 24, 2014

I took a break from the hydraulic plumbing to get started on my fuel lines.  These are going to run along the stock location, then switch from 3/8" stainless tubing to braided hose as they pass into the frame rail channel.
I laid out the route with masking tape.  This will be wide enough for the three lines - fuel supply, fuel return, and fuel tank vent.

I had to slightly widen the entrance where the fuel lines pass into the frame rail channel.  The original entrance was sized for 5/16" OD plastic tubing and slightly asymmetric.

I bent all three lines at a 28┬║ angle.  I am spacing them 3/8" apart, which will leave room for hardware and clamps.

I laid out some of the mounting holes, I will be building straps that clamp all three tubes tight against the floor pan.

I made up this jig and bent a few test clamps.  The real clamps will be 1/8" 304 stainless, but for now I'm using some scrap 16ga steel just to hold everything in place.

These are my temporary clamping straps.

Fro stopped out to check out the progress, and brought some guns with him.

He needed my help to drill and tap two #10-32 holes in the rear of two AK47 lowers so he can mount new stocks.


In random news, I got myself an old mountain bike from my friend Phil for the price of a Bud Light 30 pack!  I spent a bit of time getting it tuned up so I can un-fatten myself a little bit.

The rear wheel bearing was in need of an adjustment, it was really loose and wobbling.  I packed it with some fresh grease, and it feels alright now.  By "alright" I mean "it probably won't explode tomorrow."

Ready for a ride!

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