Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New tools!  Woody bought me a new air hose because somebody shot a nail through my last one.   I got the Bondhus hex keys to qualify for the $35 free shipping from Amazon... and who doesn't need more hex keys?

I also bought a set of SK metric wrenches.  These are shorter than the standard Snap-on wrenches, and about the same length as the standard Craftsman wrenches.  My Craftsman set moved into my truck toolbox, and the SK upgrade moved into the main box.

I welded in the mounting points at the ends of my hard lines.  I will run a reinforced rubber hydraulic hose from here to the hydraulic cylinder.  This welded mounting point will support the end of the hard line.

I ran out of tubing this weekend, and ordered more.  Unfortunately, UPS destroyed it.  I really wanted it for the weekend, but I really can't complain because they have successfully delivered hundreds of packages over the course of this project and this is my first claim.

At least they tried!  They taped it back up all nice.  Maybe they hoped I wouldn't notice? really stepped up though, they are handling the claim with UPS and sending another tube next day air.

After my hydraulic lines and fuel lines are bent, the next step before paint is to clean up some old welds and fab work under the car.  I decided to get a head start tonight.

These welds were so beautiful, I decided to grind them off.  I just couldn't handle how perfect they were.  They were so amazing, I didn't want to make anyone jealous with a 'before' picture.

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