Sunday, September 7, 2014

I picked up a few more new tools.  I found a few new-old-stock Craftsman Professional US-made wrenches in the back of the clearance rack at Sears, so I picked them up in an effort to build an SAE size set to keep in my paint cart.   I also picked up another Hansen metric socket rack.

The Hansen racks hold 6mm-20mm sockets, but I really only own (and use) 8mm-19mm in the 3/8 drive size.  So I chop them down!

I bought the Hansen rack because I bought a set of Snap-on 8mm-19mm standard 6-point sockets.  I am taking my old Craftsman set to work, and upgrading the main box.

The old Craftsmans at work

There are a few more sets I would like to pick up, but the socket drawer in my work toolbox is filling out nicely.

I also stopped at a second sears (for more old stock Craftsman Pro wrenches!) and at Harbor Freight for an SAE deep socket set to keep in my truck toolbox.  Now that I have the old Ford, I find myself needing a better emergency supply of SAE size tools rather than the metric stuff.  I also picked up some of the plastic Harbor Freight socket rails, and they're absolute trash.  The Craftsman and Wright rails are worlds better.

I got some work done on the Jetta this weekend.  I bent up some 1/8" thick 304 stainless clamps for my fuel lines, and marked them for the final trim.

Again, the jig I made to hammer these out.

In place:

I have to add two small bends to the outer lines, then flare the ends and make some bulkhead fittings, but my stainless fuel lines are just about finished up!

I started bending up the replacement tubing I received from OnlineMetals, and got the hydraulic hardlines all finished up today as well.  I have to weld two bulkhead fitting mounts into the chassis, but they're all done!

This is one of the mounts I need to weld, it's just hanging in place.

This bulkhead fitting is just under the passenger rear seat, next to the fuel filter.  The LF and RF lines are too long to bend in one shot, so they're two pieces of 8' tubing with a fitting in the center.

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