Sunday, September 14, 2014

New tools!  I traded a bunch of random sockets for a set of Bahco files.  I bought the tamper resistant T60 Torx and 29mm deep impact socket from Cripe Distributing on eBay for super cheap, and found the last Craftsman Professional US-made wrench to fill my SAE set.

I now have a complete set of SAE-size wrenches for my paint cart.

I added a few more bends to my fuel lines, and cut the ends to the proper length.   I also tack welded the hydraulic line brackets onto the body.  I still have to build a bracket that holds the two bulkhead fittings and fuel filter, but otherwise my hard plumbing is done!

I made a few more line clamps, drilled some holes and installed rivnuts, and finished up the mounting for my hydraulic lines along the rear of the car.

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