Monday, September 22, 2014

I finished up my fuel tank today.

I finished bead rolling the fuel-inlet side, and drilled the holes for the fuel pump and level sensor.  I'm using an Aeromotive Phantom 200 in-tank fuel pump setup.  It's pretty deluxe, it comes with its own bulkhead which seals the supply line, vent line, return line, and power.   I'm using a JAZ 33-240 ohm level sensor.  My original setup used the factory VW pump and sensor, and I wasn't really happy with any of that.

I machined a -4 O-ring boss fitting on my lathe from 304 stainless to weld into the bottom.  I didn't install a drain plug on my last tank, and regretted it when it came time to remove the tank!

I turned a step in the top side (which will be inside the tank) to locate itself into a 5/8' diameter drilled hole.

I also turned down some -6AN male union fittings.  The union fittings were cheaper and easier to find than weld-on male stainless fittings, so I machined the back side off.  These are going to be auxiliary vents.  I might not use them, but I can easily plug them up.

Here is the top of the tank after all of the holes were cut.  I used Lennox hole saws, which cut pretty well in the 304 stainless.

Here is the Aeromotive bulkhead fitting.  It's a pretty nice piece!

This is the JAZ level sensor I'm using.

All bent up!

After bending and fitting the bottom piece:

I took the tank to Bill Lewis for final welding.  I was really happy with the fit, I took my time with the layout and bends and ended up with a perfect open corner.


All welded!  I picked it up in my old truck.  There aren't any tie down holes in the bed, but I was able to find some!

The footprint gas pedal cracks me up every time lol.

Bill really did a beautiful job on the welding.

I did a lot of work on the fuel tank cradle as well.  This holds the tank up in the car, and I wasn't really happy with this piece either.

I decided to grind all of the welds... some of them were really nasty!

I still have a little more work to do, but it's getting there.

I won't mount the stainless fuel cell directly to the frame, I plan to weld a steel plate onto the frame which will fully support the bottom of the tank.   I laid it out in 20ga steel and bent everything up.  I was having a good day today with fits, I was really happy with this piece as well.  Drilling in the corner of the bend (before bending) really helped out.

All welded and ground.

Here is the finished piece.  I also bead rolled a section to add a bit of stiffness, and drilled a clearance hole for my drain plug.

Here is how the tank fits inside.  I added some curves to the flanges which match the bead rolled patterns in the sides of the tank.

Drain plug

The cradle rises a little higher in this corner.  This corner is unsupported by the frame due to subframe bolt clearance issues, so the taller flange will add a little strength.  I also plan to tie a filler neck guard into this tray, and its mounting point will weld directly to the tall section of the flange.  I also left room for foam padding all around the tank, I didn't want any metal-to-metal contact on the tank itself.

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