Sunday, February 8, 2015

I un-clamped the roof this weekend.  I left a few spots along the windshield without glue, it is recommended that some areas are welded in addition to the glue.

I kept the welds pretty cold, so they're not too pretty.  I didn't want to risk warping the skin, and it's only 22ga so they should hold just fine.

I welded two spots along each windshield, and welded all four corners.

Welds ground:

I started modifying the bumper rebar to fit around the 2nd tow hook I welded in a few months back. The holes are a little off, so I checked it against my factory body dimensions book.  It looks like I'm going to have to slot the holes a bit.  The upper rails are dead on, but the lower rails are a few millimeters wider than the spec.

In random project news, I had to re-wire the electrical connector on my friend's motorcycle trailer.  When I borrowed it a few months ago to take my interior to Maryland for a retrim, I smashed the electrical connector.

It's good practice to return items in better condition than before you borrowed them.  The factory wiring just had bare wires wrapped around the tiny screws, it's amazing that they held at all.  I crimped on some high-temp nickel plated ring connectors and rebuilt it properly.

I also picked up a few more new tools!  I picked up this stuff super cheap from Cripe Distributing on eBay and the Garage Journal forums.  Genius triple square set, Armstrong retaining ring pliers (for my work toolbox) and a few odds and ends.

I also had to re-arrange my wrench drawer to make room for the new Snap-on wrench set I bought last week.

There wasn't much room before:

And there certainly isn't much room after!  I think I can still re-arrange and pick up a few square inches, but it's getting pretty full.  Luckily I have just about every wrench I will ever need, so I won't be buying many more.

I also snapped an updated picture of my socket drawer.  It's also getting pretty full!

Whenever I hit "next" in photobucket and there isn't a newer photo, it reverts back to the oldest photo in the album.  This is a picture of my toolbox setup exactly 4 years ago!

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