Sunday, April 19, 2015

Continuing with the bodywork, I started to prep and prime the door hinges.  As with most of the door jambs and underhood areas, the door hinges aren't finished as nice as the exterior panels.  I spent some time smoothing out the castings and rough machining marks.

DP40LF epoxy primer

In the foreground is a rear door hinge, which will be visible when the front doors are opened.  In the background is a front door hinge, which can't be seen once the fenders are installed.  I only cleaned up the rear hinges, and you can see the difference!

I also cleaned up the hood hinges. I filed all of the edges flat, sanded the sharp edges, and rounded the edges that weren't sheared very nice when they were originally stamped.

The cleaned hinge is on the right, original is on the left.

All finished and ready for primer.  Maybe even a little putty.

I removed the trunk hinges and stripped them of all the plastic, rubber, and struts.  These will be sent out for media blasting since they're a little more complex, plus I have a few other things to go.

I will also be sending four new lower control arms out for media blast.  I'm going to make a few modifications to these, which will be much easier with the paint removed.  

I removed all of the original rubber bushings, all of the suspension pivots will be replaced with spherical bearings.

All ready for blasting!

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